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Sophomore/Junior Year

  • Explore career options to determine if graduate school would be a fit for your goals.
  • Speak with an Academic Advisor and Career Center liaison to discuss potential programs, identify experiences and courses to enhance a future application.
  • Get to know faculty members who could offer insight on particular programs (and might potentially write a future recommendation). Get involved in their research activities or projects.
  • Attend Graduate and Professional School Information Day in October to begin researching graduate programs.
  • Research potential programs online.
  • Practice/consider taking required entrance exams, depending on the discipline. (Most pre-med students take the MCAT in the spring of their junior year.)

Summer/Early Fall Senior Year

  • Register for required entrance tests and take as early in senior year as possible.
  • Thoroughly research schools of interest.
  • Attend Graduate and Professional School Information Day in October. The more often you can speak in person with someone from a potential program, the better.
  • Review faculty bios online to determine possible research opportunities.
  • Begin writing your Statement of Purpose and have it reviewed by advisors, Career Center staff, and Writing Center staff.
  • Collect application materials and keep track of all deadlines.
  • Explore funding opportunities through assistantships, grants, fellowships, etc.
  • Send official transcripts to schools of interest.
  • Ask faculty/staff to write letters of recommendation.
  • Schedule mock interview through Career Center (especially timely for early applicants to medical school).

Mid-Fall Senior Year

  • Complete all materials needed for programs you are submitting applications to.
  • Follow up with faculty/staff on recommendation letters.
  • Submit your application materials in the requested format (mail, online, etc.).
  • Keep records of your application process for each school, noting date submitted, confirmation received, etc. Retain copies of application materials.

Early Spring Senior Year

  • Visit schools of interest, either by invitation through an official interview process or by appointment.
  • Schedule a mock interview through the Career Center.
  • Send thank you notes following any interviews.
  • Complete and submit any required Financial Aid forms.

Late Spring Senior Year

  • Keep track of your acceptances and rejections as they come in. Discuss your options, decisions or concerns with your advisor, faculty mentors or Career Center liaison.
  • Send correspondence to the program you accept admission to, and to the programs you decline admission offers to.