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Your Path

Use resources to design your desired path to career satisfaction. (Professional documents, Social Media, Experiential Learning, Graduate and Professional School, etc.)

Career & Job Search Strategies

Students may choose to target their job search from a variety of perspectives. The links below should shed some light on the different methods you can utilize to conduct a successful job search. REMEMBER, no one method is a "catchall", so it's best to use more than one approach to ensure your job search is a success!



Your individual job search strategy needs to be tailored to your individual situation. The following tips apply to everyone, whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student seeking an internship, co-op or permanent position.

1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

If you limit your job search to just one method, you will limit your options. Use a mix of methods.

2. No one job search method will reveal all the jobs out there.

Not every kind of job or industry is represented in every job search method. There are countless jobs you will not find listed in Connections (the Career Center job site), and there are many more jobs that you won't find on Internet sites either. You have to maximize your options, and use multiple approaches.

3. Start early.

4. Learn how others in your career field have been successful.

  • Talk to faculty in your department

  • Talk to students who will or have graduated ahead of you

  • Talk to members of professional associations and student chapters of professional organizations (ex: American Marketing Association)

5. Learn to think beyond your major.

Some of you have a major that equals a job title. Most of you don't. Learn to think about occupations, industries, kinds of businesses, job skills and career fields.

6. Don't expect your job search to be quick and easy.

Remember that looking for a job is a full-time job. A job search is hard work.