Part-Time Jobs


Your Path

Use resources to design your desired path to career satisfaction. (Professional documents, Social Media, Experiential Learning, Graduate and Professional School, etc.)


Part-time jobs offer an opportunity to earn extra money while developing beneficial work-related skills from how to use a fax machine to how to interact with a supervisor. In addition to the basics, you can learn to manage your time effectively and gain other career readiness skills. When looking for a part-time job, choose a setting that works well with your class schedule and gives you opportunities to learn valuable work skills.

Where to begin?

On Connections, the Career Center’s job search portal, part-time job postings range from on-campus jobs to local off-campus jobs. As a student, you are able to access your personal account by using your NetID and MSU password.


Each posting should include the location of the job, a brief position description, and instructions for applying to the position. Although some employers will require an online application, the majority of the job postings will require a résumé. Before uploading your résumé to Connections, drop it off to be critiqued by a staff member.

No luck using Connections for on-campus jobs?

Finding a part-time job on campus can be challenging but not impossible. To help students, the Career Center hosts a part-time jobs fair in August of each year. Both on- and off-campus employers host information booths about their student worker positions at the fair.


For incoming freshmen or transfer students not familiar with campus, turn to your class schedule. You can start by dropping your resume off at the buildings in which your classes will be held.

MSU Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally funded, need-based student work program awarded by Financial Aid. Departments often look for students with work-study funds because it helps with already slim departmental budgets.


For more information about the FWS Program, contact the Financial Aid office located in Garner Hall at 662-325-7441 or 662-325-2450.

Final words of advice:

Once you find a job, some keys to remember are that you are earning money, you are gaining experience, and you are building references for your future.