Discover - Major Exploration


Your Strengths:

Explore ways to discover your interests, strengths, skills, talents, and values and how they might fit in your future.

Major Exploration/Research

Choosing a major that you'll enjoy seems like a daunting task...where do you even begin? As you consider this process, here are some steps you can take to research majors and make a decision.

Know Yourself

Career opportunities exist for students in any long as you prepare for them along the way. As you consider possible majors, ask yourself:

  • What activities do I enjoy? What interests drive me?

  • What are my values?

  • What do I enjoy learning? How do I like to learn?

  • What are my strengths academically?

  • If I could study anything, what would it be?

Having trouble answering those questions? Meet with a Career Center staff member. Consider taking some career assessments for help!

Know MSU Majors

  • Check out the list of MSU Majors.

  • Use the MSU Catalog Online to research majors you liked. Look for two things...the graduation requirements (See 'Colleges and Academic Offices') and the course descriptions. How do you feel about those classes? Do you think they fit you? Why or why not?

  • Go to the MSU homepage and search the majors of interest. Review all parts of their departmental websites...still interested?

  • Meet with the academic department's undergraduate coordinator or academic advisor. Ask questions!

    • Can you tell me about this academic program?

    • What are the requirements for admission to this major?

    • What are the graduation requirements?

    • What are some of the more challenging courses?

    • Are there any emphases/concentrations in this major?

    • How can I gain practical experience in this field while I am in school?

    • Where have your graduates gone to work?

    • What are some possible careers I could pursue with this major?

    • What other majors on campus might be related to this major?

    • What courses could I take to discover if this is the right major for me?

Evaluate Your Options

  • Take basic classes in the majors of interest.

  • Job shadow professionals in careers related to the major.

  • Meet again with your Career Center liaison to discuss where you are in the process.