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A vital component to any job search is networking, which is more than cheesy introductions, handshakes and small talk. Various research studies on this topic indicate that 40-80% of people get jobs through their contacts (i.e. networking). Below is a list of various networking tactics.

Social Networking Tips/Considerations

  • Google yourself. Look into removing anything potentially damaging to your character.
  • Change your privacy settings. Make sure you know exactly who can view your profile, your wall, your applications, etc.
  • Carefully consider how much/what type of information you include on your Profile (Status Updates, Quotations, About Me, Religious/Political Views, etc.) Remove anything that is remotely inappropriate.
  • Photos you upload should never cast yourself in a negative light or compromising position. Untag yourself if someone uploads a questionable photo of you.
  • It's not just about you! What your friends include on their profiles can be linked to you as well.
  • Bottom Line: If Grandma would blush, remove it.

For more tips on how to network see the Career Center Handbook.