First Destination Survey

First Destination Survey

By the numbers...

The First Destination Survey is administered to all MSU graduates upon graduation, and data is collected for a period of six months to determine the employment/continuing education status of recently graduated students. The following report comprises data from surveys completed by graduates, responses collected by Career Center ambassadors and staff via phone calls or texts, and data collection from websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Seeking Student Data

The Career Center welcomes your help in collecting data on the first destinations of MSU graduates. If you have questions about how to help or if you would like data specific to your department, please contact Ed Dechert at

Overall University First Destination Report

First page of 2021-2022 First Destination Survey results data. Accessible file in link.

Access the full 2021-2022 First Destination Survey results; which includes top employing organizations, top institutions for graduate/professional school, and top locations for MSU graduates.