Bulldog Mentor Program

Bulldog Mentor Program

Forge success with Bulldog mentors for career growth and connections.

The Bulldog Mentor Program links students with alumni mentors via MSU's exclusive Bulldog Network, fostering connections and empowering career growth. Students gain insights, career advice, and expand networks beyond the classroom.

Bulldog Mentor Program

Each fall and spring semester, the Bulldog Mentor Program connects student mentees with dedicated alumni mentors for individualized mentorship experiences via the Bulldog Network, a professional networking platform exclusive to Mississippi State University. The Bulldog Mentor Program fosters meaningful connections and relationships within the MSU community while equipping students with the tools and confidence to fully unleash their potential. Throughout the program, students gain insights that go far beyond the classroom while receiving baluable career advice, learning about industries, exploring potential career paths, and expanding their collegiate and professional networks.

Spring Rollout Dates

Mentee Signup

Students who are interested in signing up to participate as mentees for the Spring 2024 program may sign up November 27, 2023-February 2, 2024.

Program Orientation

To participate in the Bulldog Mentor Program, students are required to attend an in-person or virtual program orientation session. Orientations are scheduled to take place January 16-February 2. Register for an orientation here: https://msstate-csm.symplicity.com/students/app/events

Match Week begins!

The Bulldog Mentor Program administrative team will match student mentees with alumni mentors. 

Spring 2024 Bulldog Mentor Program

February 12-April 19: The Spring 2024 Bulldog Mentor Program takes place! Each participant will receive a message via the Bulldog Network introducing them to their mentee or mentor. It is recommended that mentees and metnors participate in 5-7 sessions throughout the semester. However, mentees and mentors can guage their progress to best fit their personal goals for the program. 

Spring Break

March 11-15: Students, enjoy spring break! 

End of Program

The Spring 2024 Bulldog Mentor Program ends. 

End of Program Survey

April 22-April 26: Participants will receive an End of Program Evaluation Survey. 

How to Get Involved

  • Attend a Bulldog Mentor Program orientation session to learn more about program guidelines and expectations. Register for a program orientation here: https://msstate-csm.symplicity.com/students/app/events 
  • Sign-up for the Bulldog Network and register for the Bulldog Mentor Program here:

Bulldog Mentor Program Testimony

Decorative image
Image descrption: Student testimony reads: "Thanks to the Bulldog Mentor Program I was paired with someone who was like the equal sign to my equation. Before I joined the program, I was having a hard time preparing for an upcoming competition. Thanks to guidance from my mentor, I felt more prepared for the competition, won in my division, and had the chance to go to the grand finale. I give all my praises to the process the Bulldog Mentor Program went through to pair me with my mentor."