How to Find an Internship

How to Find an Internship

Internships can be a great way to get career related experience while continuing to pursue your degree.

An internship can be one or two semesters of practical hands-on experience that look great on a resume. Employers expect college students to have this experience on their resume when they recruit students for full-time positions.

Several things should be considered when deciding if and when you will complete an internship.

  • What is the difference between an internship and the Cooperative Education Program?
  • Which one is best for me?
  • Why am I looking for an internship? Is it for academic credit, work experience, or some other reason?
  • What are my interests, abilities, and values?
  • What type of company and work environment am I looking for?
  • What are my limitations? Are there any geographical or financial constraints?
  • If the internship is unpaid, can I still afford to take the position?
  • What time of year is best for me - spring, summer, or fall?

Once you have made the decision to seek an internship, there are various ways to begin to look for those opportunities. As with a full-time job, starting early is key. Start looking about 4-6 months before your desired start date.

Where are the best places to research internship opportunities?

  • Meet with a staff member in our Cooperative Education office. They work with students who are looking for internships as well!
  • Attend the main career fair held every September and January. Start networking with representatives of organizations that you would like to work with and find out if they have internship opportunities.
  • Search for opportunities on Connections. You can use the Advanced Search option to search specifically for internships by major and location. You can also view the employers interviewing on campus for internships or conducting Information Sessions.
  • Remember, a small percentage of internships are advertised online. If there are specific companies that you would like to work for, contact them and find out if they offer internships and would like to have an informational meeting with you.

Want your internship to show up on your MSU transcript? Mississippi State University Career Center currently offers two internship courses.

Internship Courses

Professional Practice Internship (PPI) I and II

  • The positions will be full time (40 hours/week) and paid.
  • Duration for fall and spring semesters is 18 weeks; summer semester is 12 weeks.
  • These courses are undergraduate level only.
  • Students must attend MSU for one semester prior to working.
  • Students must have completed 60 semester hours prior to their PPI.
  • There will be a university registration fee of $25.
  • Students must be in good academic standing with the university to be accepted (GPA of 2.75/4.00).
  • No credit toward degree is earned.

Additional Internship Resources

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